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Our London team will be happy to answer. Monday to Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM : Sunday appointments only
Ordering from us
Can your products be customised?

Yes, almost all our products. If you want to customise a piece or commission a designer, email us at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp to discuss options. Our team of design consultants will work with you to design the right piece for your home or project.

How should I proceed with a bespoke order?

If you want us to design a piece from scratch, email us at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp to discuss options. Our team of design consultants will work with you to design the right piece for your home or project.

Do you do COM fabric?

Yes, you can either give us the fabric code and we will order it on your behalf, or you can send it directly to us. Please make sure to have the fabric FR treated and approved by us before you order it from the supplier as some fabrics might not be suitable for specific pieces and don't meet upholstery regulations. Email us at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp.

How does the order process work?

For any standard order, add your items to the basket, enter your delivery address, and pay online (PayPal, credit card or wire transfer). We will start production as soon as payment is received and contact you once the piece is ready to arrange delivery at a convenient date and time. If the piece is in stock, we will arrange dispatch immediately.

If you require customisation, please click on "Request a quote" or send us an email at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp to provide us with your requirements. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to respond and up to 72 hours if the customisation is more complex. Upon reception of your quote, you can pay online via PayPal, credit card or wire transfer. We will start production as soon as payment is received and contact you once the piece is ready to arrange delivery at a convenient date and time.

How can I get samples?

We know how important it is to see the finishes so please email us your request at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp.

Do you offer interior design advice?

Yes, for interior design or styling advice please email us at info@decofetch.com or call us at +44 207 971 1382 or WhatsApp and we will assist you, or visit our Design Service page.

I need something urgently?

If you need a product urgently, please call email us or call us and our London customer service team will assist you.

Can't find the item you're looking for?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service team who will be able to source almost any piece you request through of network of more than 400 brands. We are able to help with all requests, no matter how big or small.

We can also create bespoke items if a suitable piece cannot be found.

Delivery service
Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

If I purchase several items, can they be delivered at the same time?

They can be! What do you prefer? Please contact our concierge

Can I arrange a preferred date for delivery?

Yes, we can request a preferred delivery date. Please note that no guarantee can be given as many factors can affect international deliveries. However, our customer service team will do our best to accommodate your request.

How can we get an invoice?

We first send you a quote with the selected pieces’ technical information, production lead time, prices, quantity, VAT and shipping costs if applicable. Once confirmed and paid, we will issue an invoice and start production.

Can I group multiple orders to save on the delivery cost?

Yes, this is the most recommended method of delivery for multiple orders. Contact us with your selection and delivery address to receive a quote.

Can I use my carrier?

You may organise your collection. Please note that the transfer of responsibility occurs upon collection of goods and under no circumstances we will be able to compensate you in case of breakage or damage during transit, even if we have provided the packaging. It is therefore strongly advised to collect the goods unpacked for your shipper to control them upon collection.

Does production lead time include the delivery time?

The product lead time does not include the delivery time. Delivery time will depend on the chosen method air, land or sea and the delivery address.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs depend on your choice of delivery type, on the size and weight of the item, as well as t delivery address. For a preferred delivery method please contact us.

International Deliveries?

We ship worldwide: you can select your shipping destination while you browse or at checkout. Orders are shipped directly from the workshop. They will be safely and securely delivered to your home with the best shipping carriers. All international shipments are insured for the whole value of the product. When the product you order is particularly large or delicate, it will be delivered through our network of specialist partners. This is only a kerbside delivery and you will be contacted by your local Customs department when you order has landed before delivery to your home, to arrange a delivery date.

Customers in the UK, EU, USA and Canada do not have to worry about duties, as they are either not due or pre-paid by Decofetch. Orders shipped outside of these destinations may be subject to taxes.

International Delivery Duties & Taxes?

When goods are not shipped within United Kingdom or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, you are responsible for any import duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate. These fees are in addition to the price and shipping cost you are charged at the check out. Applicable duties and taxes are calculated at the border and based on the nature of the item, final price of the item, and the destination country.

To process customs, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your SSN, EIN, IRN, TIN, or EORI. The shipping carrier will contact you about the required personal information, declaration, and fees which must be paid prior to delivery. Please note that shipping delays due to customs clearing are pretty common.

I live outside the UK and EU. Do I need to pay duties and taxes?

If you are ordering from outside the UK and EU, you should not be paying VAT. Please contact us with the list of your chosen items so we can issue you a VAT-free invoice. Please note that you will be responsible for paying tax and customs duties upon arrival in the destination country, in accordance with local regulations.

I live in the EU. Do I need to pay import duties and taxes?

If you are ordering from within the EU, import duties will not be applicable. You will be required to pay VAT, which will be included in your order when checking out.

I am a trade customer ordering from the EU with a valid VAT ID. Can I get a VAT-free invoice?

Yes, unless your country of delivery is the United Kingdom or the same as Send us your VAT number with your company details.

Interior design service
Do you charge for design service?

No, out interior design service is complementary to all our customers no matter how big or small the project is.

Can you do a 3D visualization?

Yes, we can create 3D visualizations. Please contact us here

How do I book an appointment?

Simply fill out the form and one of our designer will get in touch to discuss your projects.

What happens after my appointment is booked?

Once you book a design consultation, you'll be asked to complete a style questionnaire and provide additional information about your project and your preferences. The form will help us to tailor the concepts as per your personal style.

What should I expect from my first consultation?

Your designer will gather information as much as possible and suggest ideas and product recommendations. (That's why you should be sure to fill out the design questionnaire; the more information you provide, the more productive your consultation will be.) The initial appointment will create a clear, actionable direction for any projects you're working on and a list of products that can assist you live your style.

Can the designer incorporate my existing furniture pieces?

Of course! Keep as many or as few items as you prefer. We will ask you to send us photos of what you're keeping so that the interior designer can work with these pieces.

What if I don't like my designs concepts? What if I don't like the designer's style and ideas?

You'll take our design Quiz and tell us about your design preferences, tastes, and personal styles. We will then recommend you the designer who best meets your style. And please remember the process is collaborative! you are able to exchange ideas with your designer, there is no limit to the number of revisions required. Your designer will be working with you through out the process and consider the functionality and practicalities of your life to seamlessly deliver you an elegant and supreme design scheme. You'll also be able to give feedback or request replacing your designer.

What is the difference between layout and design concept? And what does a revision involve?

Design concept is the overall look and feel of interiors; our designers use mood boards to communicate their design concept. The layout is more detailed plan, showing recommended furnishings and where they would be positioned in a space. Revision allow for tweaks of a design concept and layout— replacing one sofa for another, for instance, rather than all-new layouts.

Trade programme
Do you have a trade program?

Yes, you can create trade account. Our trade representatives will review the application and approve the account within 48 hours for you to access all trade benefits. They will also contact you to check how they can assist making sourcing effortless for you and your clients.

How can I apply for a trade account?

You can apply by filling in our trade application form.

What is your trade discount?

Our trade discounts depend on the piece and the brands. To access these discounts, please apply for a trade account.

Who can qualify for trade account?

Interior designers, architects, and other design professionals working on residential, commercial or hospitality projects. We reserve the right to make all membership decisions at our sole discretion.

What is your payment policy?

We require full payment upon order confirmation to start production or dispatch any available items.

Do you accept payments by credit card?

Our recommended payment method is bank transfer. We can also accept all debit and credit card payments via Stripe. You can also pay by PayPal in GBP, EUR or USD.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The available payment methods are bank transfer, all major debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro) and PayPal.